As the exclusive expeditionary charter provider in the Everglades and Florida Keys; Blue Moon Expeditions operates only the best of boats. 

Our captains run Hell's Bay Biscayne skiffs. These skiffs are the finest skiffs available for the fisheries that we visit, and allow our clients the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and fishability. The Biscayne is 16'4" long and 70" wide and is powered by the lightweight 70 horsepower Yamaha outboard. The small size of these skiffs allows our guides to silently pole anglers in the skinniest waters of the most remote areas and to be just as much at home oceanside or while deep water tarpon fishing. Another plus of the Biscayne is its V-hull, which allows for a comfortable ride in the roughest water crossings.

Whether it be the boats we run, or the tackle we use, Blue Moon Expeditions is committed to using only the best in the industry. Our commitment insures a world-class experience for each of our clients. When it comes to skiffs, Hells Bay leads the industry and produces the finest shallow water craft known to anglers worldwide.

With our fleet of boats and expert guides, we are able to offer clients the ability to truly experience all that the backcountry has to offer.