Chip Willimon

Outdoor Writer / Pro Angler

Chip currently lives in North Carolina, primarily fishing for redfish in the sounds and landlocked striped bass. His youth was spent fishing with his father for stripers in the huge reservoirs along the SC/GA border.  “Back in those days it was nothing to catch 50 stripers in a morning because the fish weren’t pressured.  I have been looking for unpressured fish ever since.”

In 1996, Chip had a life changing experience--hooking his first tarpon in Biscayne Bay during a sea trial of his first flats boat.  The moment he hooked that tarpon he knew it was something he had to do again and again.  “I never understood people with addiction problems until I hooked that fish.”  

Chip spent a good bit of time learning the Everglades back country from the famed back country guide and fly tier, Bob Lemay. For the last 16 years, Chip has made 4 separate week long self-guided trips each year exploring the Everglades Park or Florida Keys.  Chip is an expert in live bait tactics for tarpon and “live chumming” for snook and other species from his 18-foot Egret flats skiff: "Miss Katie".  His favorite months to fish the Everglades are from Mid-April to Mid-October when storms are numerous and bug densities are high, but the fish are completely unmolested by anglers. “There is nowhere else in America that you can cover hundreds of square miles in a small skiff and never see another boat and cast to fish that you know haven’t seen a lure in months.” 

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