Evan Noponen


Captain Evan grew up in Naples, not a far drive from Islamorada. He started out as an avid bass fishermen, surrounded by lakes he found that no problem. Evan then entered a saltwater fishing tournament in third grade, where he found his love for the saltwater game fish. During that tournament he won a trophy for largest redfish, and as you can imagine, sparked his addiction for the tug and fight of redfish. Evan started learning the 10,000 islands area from a couple local guides and friends on his personal boat by the age of 14. He grew up fishing some of the harder waters in south Florida; which made him hard-headed and ultimately pushed him to not give up easily.

Evan specializes in light tackle and fly fishing in the backcountry--sight fishing is his favorite way of catching fish. “There’s just something about seeing the fish devourer your fly or lure, makes for some great unforgettable experiences.”  Blue Moon Expeditions will set you up with lifetime memories and great stories to pass on.