Everglades Fishing Expeditions

The Everglades is a giant eco system stretching from the freshwater that flows out of the sawgrass into ponds and rivers and eventually into the gulf. The Everglades touts some of the most remote year-round saltwater fishing in the United States.

The waters of the Glades work their way down into larger bays that load up with tarpon during certain times of the year and make for the best tarpon fishing in the world. Shorelines in these bays are also home to many other species including snook and redfish.

From these bays, the water flows out to the coast where creeks and sandy beaches covered in fallen timber from past hurricanes provide outstanding snook and tarpon habitat.

When conditions align, the Everglades become a pardise for tarpon anglers. During the months of January through April, after several days of warm weather, tarpon flood out of the gulf and into the quiet bays and pockets of the Glades. These fish will lay up and roll, and are extremely willing to eat a fly.

Snook fishing is also great in the Everglades. Depending on the season, snook can be caught sight-fishing in unnamed ponds, all the way back in the fresh water and by throwing topwater poppers on the beaches.

Fishing in the Glades is a wilderness experience like no other and the mothership proves its worth on warm humid mornings in February when tarpon are rolling as far as the eye can see. 

Adventure-seeking anglers realize immediately that the Everglades is the place to be. Contact Blue Moon Expeditions today for more information. Our mother-ship will be on location in the heart of the Glades from January to April.


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