The Everglades tout some of the most remote year round saltwater fishing in the United States. The variety of what can be pursued in the Everglades is astounding – snook, redfish, tarpon and trout are only a few species the Glades have to offer.

The Everglades are famed for early season tarpon fishing and we allow easy access to Whitewater Bay, Shark River and the Cape Sable area without the worry of long runs. Tarpon will flood into the Glades in late winter and early spring and lay up following a few days of warm weather. This situation equates to a fly fisherman’s dream!

The Everglades also offer incredible redfishing, especially around the flats of Flamingo.

Whether you enjoy fishing from a skiff or kayak, the Everglades is the place to be. For those wanting something a little different, the rockpiles and reefs in this remote region offer excellent fishing as well. Our mothership will be cruising the Glades through the months of October through April.

Join Blue Moon Expeditions on what others have noted as one of the best trips they have ever experienced.

As the exclusive provider of overnight expeditions in the Everglades, Blue Moon Expeditions affords the angler an opportunity to reach deep into the heart of the Everglades for giant tarpon, snook, and redfish - all the while enjoying all the comforts of home, and gourmet meals