I want to share with you how I keep my boat rigged and what i carry on a daily basis. I try to keep my boat as simple as possible, but at the same time have everything I need reguradless of the situation. This is a difficult compromise, but I will share with you what i think is the best to carry and have onboard. I fish a Maverick 18 HPX rigged with a Yamaha 115 fourstroke. I will begin at the front and work my way back to make this as simple as possible. On the bow I have a Protrim oversized casting platform attached to the deck with a bolt  I like to have my cleat free for ease of docking and anchoring, plus it is less for the flyline to catch on. This platform is large enough to have a stripping basket for fly fishing. Behind the platform is a large deck that is roomy enough for 2 anglers. On the front deck is a large hatch. In this hatch i have everything that I do not need quickly accessible.

Here is what is inside

-2 sets of rain pants and jacket and a pair of rubber boots because i hate wet socks

-1 ziplock bag with extra leader material in all sizes

-1 ziplock bag of miscellaneous extra soft plastics I may need.

-1 container of clorox cleanup wipes. These are great to clean anything and are a must have.

-fish ruler

-boga grip

-leupold binoculars

-clean rags

-1 dry box containing all of my important documents, a VHF marine radio, and first aid kit.

-Delorme sattelite texting device. This is a small device that allows me to send texts thru sattelite when I have no cell service. This is great in remote areas and it has a built in EPIRB in case of emergency.

-1 tool container with a few tools that I would need if something went wrong on the boat. This is rarely used but is nice when fishing remote areas like I do.

-1 box of assorted fishing terminal tackle and corks. this is a small box that contains  everything that I would need to catch basically anything that swims.

In the cockpit of my boat I have have a 45quart Yeti cooler with a cushion that makes a great seat. Behind it is my console that has a small Garmin that i use for running in the dark. I keep all of the tackle, lures, flies, and leader material that I need at hand in the console where it is easily in reach. On the starboard side of my boat i have a large hatch that holds the following.

-3 type one PFDs

-1 folding net

-2 bait nets because one always seems to end up overboard.

-1 collapsable bucket that is meant for watering horses but works great on a skiff

The port side hatch on my skiff is completely open for my clients. On my poling platform is a Tibor push pole holder and I have a rope to tie off to my pushpole if i stake out on both sides of my platform.

Taking time to thoughtfully rig a skiff can make the difference in success and failure. Think thru the essentials and organize them accordingly, and you will find that things on the water will go much smoother.