We had a great week of fishing in the Everglades. Reddfish have been abundant both on the inside of the Everglades, and all the way up into the freshwater. These redfish have been extremely willing to eat a well placed fly, of the which, I like to use small flies with medium to heavy lead eyes to get them down quick. I like these flies in variations of pink and tan.

Image 1.jpg

Redfish are found throughout the waters of Everglades National Park, and are incredibly fun to catch on fly & light tackle.

We also caught quite a few really nice snook, and had shots at some true giants. A snook over 15lbs is an incredible trophy, and it takes a real hunt and a great cast to get one of these big fish.

Image 2.jpg

This week I ran our Maverick 18HPX powered by a 115 Yamaha four- stroke, so that we could cover alot of water fast, and still get to fish in shallow, hard to reach places.

By the end of the week the temperatures began to rise, and if it continues as forecasted, the big tarpon will start start showing up in the everglades to feed.

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