March, April, and May are extremely busy months in the Florida Keys, and offers anglers some of the best fishing of the year. As March approaches the Blue Moon Expedition's mothership will be found in the Everglades almost every day of the month. Our clients will have the opportunity to intercept the first waves of tarpon as they come out of the Gulf to feed. These fish are very large and very hungry; and will be on the move as long as the weather is warm. 

March will probably hold a few more cold fronts that will push the tarpon out, but they will quickly return and will be even more eager to eat a fly or lure. Snook fishing will continue to remain very good throughout the Everglades, as will the redfishing. These snook and redfish are excellent targets on both fly and spinning gear. 

This year we will be our overnight expeditions on our new mothership - a custom 68 foot Buddy Davis,  and our clients will be fishing on our new Maverick 18 HPX and Maverick 17 HPX-S. 

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