This past week was another great week of fishing in the Florida Keys and Everglades. The weather has been very warm weather this week, feeling more like September, rather than January.  

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With the warm weather we have been fishing some different areas than we were in the previous weeks, when temperatures were unseasonably cooler. The week was made up of alot of time spent fishing in the Everglades and Florida Bay for redfish and snook, but we have also had opportunities on tarpon of all sizes, both large and small.

In the Keys, with the warm weather, there are also opportunities for anglers to catch bonefish and permit. A short distance out in the Gulf has provided nonstop action for those wanting to keep the rod bent, on what seems to be a non stop supply of mackeral and bluefish that are willing to eat pretty much anything.

The weather forecast looks warm for the upcoming week, so we expect the fishing to be getting better by the day.

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