This past week is what I have been waiting for since last tarpon season.  We had temperatures in the 80’s with a light SE breeze and if you’re a tarpon fanatic like me, this is what you want in February.  We had 2 days of epic tarpon fishing in the Everglades.  The first day, found us up a small creek with loads of giant tarpon happily rolling.  We ended going 2 for 4 on fly with one pushing 120lbs.  Tarpon fishing in small creeks like that is extremely exciting, as we had one fish almost jump into the boat.   The next day happened to be one of my best day’s tarpon fishing with a fly rod.  We casted for the first 5 hours of our trip to rolling, cruising, and laid-up tarpon.  We fed 12 tarpon in the 60-80lb class and put 6 in the air. 

Image 5.jpg

When we can break away from the tarpon fishing, the flats have been covered with redfish and snook.  Fishing the right tide and having an extremely shallow drafting boat, like my Maverick HPX-micro, was the key to our success. 

The fishing in the Everglades should remain good as move right into our spring, when we will be fishing for big Glades tarpon exclusively.