The Shark River area of the Florida Everglades is famous for some of the best year round fishing in the world. Tarpon, snook, redfish, and trout are but a few of the species that are to be found on any given day in the backcountry. 

Shark River is situated between Islamorada, and Marco Island, on the southern most tip of the Florida peninsula; and is almost an hour run by boat from the closest ramp. The remote nature of the Shark River area is most appealing to anglers who want to get away from everything, and everyone. 

Several options exist for anglers who wish to ply deep into the Shark River area of the Everglades. From South Florida, you can take a leisurely drive from Homestead down to Flamingo; where you can launch your boat and run out and across Coot Bay, Whitewater Bay, and Oyster Bay, to Shark River. Anglers who choose to make this trek need to allow plenty of time, for Flamingo is 45 minutes from Homestead, and Shark River is almost an hour by boat from Flamingo.

Another option, weather permitting, is to launch your boat in Islamorada for the 55 mile run across Florida Bay and around Cape Sable to Shark River. This option of course, is not for the faint of heart, or the inexperienced boater. Weather patterns in this region can often dish out violent thunderstorms, and when that occurs, Cape Sable can become your worst nightmare. 

Another option, and the best option of all, is to join Blue Moon Expeditions on an all inclusive Everglades Expedition. Forget the long drive back and forth to Flamingo, and the tiring run across the backcountry. Instead, kick back and enjoy all the comforts of home on our 70' foot custom mother-ship, with air conditioning, hot showers, gourmet meals, and satellite television. When the time comes to fish, you will join the finest guides in South Florida in Pathfinder bay boats, and Maverick skiffs, for what will be one of your most memorable days on the water. 

As the exclusive provider of overnight fishing expeditions in the Florida Everglades, Blue Moon Expeditions offers anglers the opportunity to fish the renowned Shark River in comfort. Expeditions include lodging aboard the mother-ship, gourmet meals, and guides. 

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