2014 was a great year filled with an abundance of great clients and awesome fishing.

Everglades Redfish Release

The biggest question we get asked is when to come down to fish in order to maximize fishing time. While nothing can be guaranteed and much depends on weather conditions, this calendar will hopefully help you plan your next trip. 

January - February 

January and February are the winter months in the Keys and in the Everglades. Passing fronts will usually make these the coolest months of the year. This is the time of year that I focus my fishing on the inside of the Everglades,  such as the rivers and Whitewater Bay. Snook and redfish are the main focus during the winter months, along with tarpon. The weather is difficult to forecast but the great part about the inside of the Everglades is that there are plenty of places to hide from the wind. If there are several days of warm weather, tarpon will begin to move into the everglades before being pushed back out by another cold front. 

March - April

 During March and April we begin to see tarpon more frequently and there will be a few days that will be the best of the year. This is usually the windiest time of the year, and as such will still be spending alot of time on the inside of the Everglades. When the weather allows, we will start to venture onto the outside coastlines during warmups and when the weather is calm. Florida bay can also be good fishing this time of year and we will take every oportunity we have to target tarpon in Islamorada as they lay up in the backcountry and with crabs around the bridges. The wrecks in the gulf will also be accessible on calm days this time of year. 


The months of May and June are prime tarpon season in the Everglades and Florida Keys.

Tarpon will be everywhere, from the coast of the Glades to the bridges and oceanside. There are a lot of opprtunities to target the silver kings. Red-fishing will be good in Florida Bay and the snook fishing will really start to heat up in the middle to end of May. If you like throwing topwater plugs come the last of May or first of June, this is a great time of year. 

July - August

Days start early during July and August to beat the heat and dodge the storms. 6 - 2 is our typical day, and this allows us to get the morning bite for snook and tarpon and be back before the thunderstorms drive us off the water. Tarpon are still around in the Everglades and will happily eat a lure. This is also a great time of year for the wrecks in the Gulf for permit, grouper, big jacks, and many other species. Florida Bay will be very good as well. Days are calm and very hot, so plan accordingly. 

September - October

September and October are another great time of year for fishing in Islamorada and the Everglades. Tarpon fishing can be unbelievable. Snook and redfish are still available, and the gulf wrecks will be very good. September is tournament season in the Keys, so if you would like to experience competitive fishing this is the month. The mullet run kicks off and bait will be thick in October, making it a great month for anglers. This is a great time to live chum for snook and throw plugs for tarpon. There will be a few fronts that come thru in October, therefore I recommend staying away from the full moon and fishing as early in the month as possible. 

The end of September and first of October are a great time to target permit on the oceanside flats around Islamorada as well. 

November - December

During the months of November and December, fish are starting to get into their winter patterns and transitioning to the inside of the Everglades. Redfish and snook are the main targets, but keep in mind that the weather can pose a problem.