Everglades Fishing Report - March 3, 2015

I just concluded writing that I believe fishing in the Florida Keys and the Everglades was going to take off after the tough winter fishing and the great reports began rolling in from numerous Islamorada fishing charters.  During the week of warm weather, the tarpon undoubtedly began going off in the Everglades Back Country.
Everglades Tarpon on Fly
The dark waters of the Everglades bays and rivers warm up much faster than the surrounding clear waters of the Florida Keys. It doesn't take many days of warm sunny weather to get the tarpon flooding in and chewing. 
Captain Shafter Johnston and Blue Moon Expeditions hosted the crew from the Silver Kings TV show on the mother-ship last week.  They ran the mother-ship from its dockage in Islamorada up into the Shark River deep in the Everglades and used it as a base of operations for the week. This allowed them to be just minutes from the big push of tarpon that showed up just in time.
Captain Rob Fordyce and Captain Bou Bosso, who are featured on Silver Kings were able to capture some amazing footage of tarpon on fly for next season's show.  It took them a day or so to find the fish but suddenly they were jumping 10 plus tarpon a day, all on fly.  That's flat out getting it done!
When Captain Shafter had a day off on Sunday, he and his friend Jason Stemple-famed photographer, ran from Islamorada all the way back up to the glades interior in the Pathfinder 23 HPS.  The Yamaha 250 SHO boat flies, and makes a lengthy run that much easier.  When Jason put the camera down to grab the 11 weight, he put 13 tarpon in the air!  The sick thing is that they invited me to come along with them but my wife had other plans. Lucky for her that she is hot.
If you can get down to the Keys or Glades before this weather changes, the fish are eating.