Welcoming 2016 at Blue Moon

The new year is underway and we are looking forward to some exciting adventures on the water. We are starting this year off fresh with a new mothership that is completely redesigned to give our clients the best experience possible in remote destinations. We also have three Hell's Bay Biscayne Skiffs outfitted to put our clients on the fish. 

We will start our season this year in the Everglades. During the months of January through March we will spend our time deep in the Everglades. There will always be snook and redfish around, but our main target will be tarpon. The warm weather will have giant tarpon swimming deep into the Glades to lay up in quiet corners and basins. This migration is very weather dependent but when it happens it is incredible. Warm days in the winter are what we look forward to. These warm days often bring the best tarpon fishing of the year. The Everglades offer the most remote fishing available in Florida and our accommodations and service will rival what you find on land. 

Once April rolls around we will start to look to the clear waters of the keys. During the months of April through June we will stay mobile.  For the month of April and the first part of May we will be fishing the Islamorada area. Tarpon season is in full swing and thousands of fish migrate down the oceanside of the keys and lay up in the backcountry. The glades can also have great moments during this time and are always a good option when the wind starts to blow. 

Middle of May through June is a great time to stay on the Mothership. This is when we spend time in the Marquesas. The wind starts to calm in June and the fishing can be incredible. We also spend some time in the glades. The tarpon will have started swimming north along the coast and the snook are staging on the beaches to spawn. June is a great month to fish. 

We kick off our fall season in Louisiana in August. We will be in Louisiana through December. During this time it is all about huge redfish. Louisiana has the greatest redfishing on Earth and we have found some incredible destinations off the beaten path. 

If you would like to experience saltwater fishing like never before, let us help you create a truly custom experience.