Not only does South Florida have some of the best saltwater fishing in the world, but also some incredible freshwater fishing as well. All of the freshwater canals that were dug through the Everglades hold tons of largemouth bass that grow very large, peacock bass, bream, tilapia, and many other species. Many of these also have populations of snook and tarpon. 

The weather we had forecasted last week was terrible for saltwater fishing, lots of rain and wind made conditions almost impossible for backcountry flats fishing. As such,  a fellow guide and I decided to do something different, and go hunt some fish in freshwater. 

Most of the freshwater fishing in these areas is just deep canals with straight banks. While the fishing is great, it can become a bit boring at times. After a lot of searching on google earth, I found an area worth exploring. It was a series of canals, lakes, and creeks that were still accessible by boat. After finding a small dirt ramp to launch, we made our way into some of the best freshwater fishing that I have seen in a long time. 

We caught tons of peacock bass, all sight fished in creeks and small ponds that were less than 2 foot deep. These creeks also held some of the largest bass I have ever seen, with a few over the 10 pound mark. Peacock bass are extremely aggressive fish, and unbelievable fighters no matter the size. 

It's always nice to have exploration pay off and find some new fish in a cool areas. This is just another amazing fishery we have within a very short drive of the Florida keys. 

So, the next time you're considering a charter in South Florida, inquire about a half or full day freshwater charter in the Everglades.