Flamingo is considered the southernmost headquarters of Everglades National Park, and began as a small coastal settlement on the eastern end of Cape Sable, on the southern tip of the Florida peninsula, facing Florida Bay. Flamingo is a unique estuary and a fisherman’s paradise with thousands of creeks, back bays and shallow flats.

Flamingo charter fishing expeditions offer the adventurous angler a truly unique backcountry fishing experience. The flats of Flamingo offer incredible redfishing as well as early season tarpon fishing. For those who wish to venture deep into the backcountry, they can do so from Flamingo. 

After launching with your guide, anglers cross Coot Bay, and say good bye to civilization. Ahead lies the vast waters of Whitewater and Oyster Bay, Shark River, not to mention the countless other rivers that empty into the Gulf.

These waters are by far the most productive waters in the United States, for those who have teamed up with knowledgeable backcountry guides. The guides of Blue Moon Expeditions have spent years exploring the waters of the Glades, are expert anglers, and offer what no other guide can offer - a mother-ship operation that services the heart of the Everglades.

From the Blue Moon Expeditions mother-ship, anglers are afforded the opportunity to fish where most will never venture - waters that are inaccessible to average angler.

After having teamed up with one of the Blue Moon guides, anglers are in for a scenic one hour run across the  backcountry in a state of the art skiff, to the mother-ship. There they will enjoy the comforts of private staterooms, hot showers, satellite television, and gourmet meals, all the while enjoying the best fishing known to anglers.

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