Finding the right guide to spend your day and money with is very important.

Be sure that you book well in advance, as some guides fill up very quickly. Spend time talking to guides on the phone, and be sure they understand what type of fishing you expect, and what they can offer. Choosing a guide that you are comfortable spending long hours with on a boat is very important. 

When choosing a guide it is important to ask what type of boat you will be fishing on. For inshore fishing in the Florida Keys, there are basically 2 types of boats- flats skiffs and bay boats. Bay boats are usually larger and can handle more people, and are best suited for fishing with artificials and live bait. Flats skiffs are usually 16 to 18 foot and carry a guide and 2 or 3 anglers. Flats boats were designed to be poled by the guide while an angler stands on the bow sight-fishing the shallow flats. The most versatile boat for the Florida Keys is the Maverick 18 HPX-V, and is fast and comfortable for a guide and up to 3 anglers. The Maverick 18 HPX-V allows anglers to pole for shallowest flats fly fishing, but still be comfortable anchored in big water livebaiting.