The Marquesas is a place like no other. A ring of islands surrounded by flats and channels that create a paradise for some of our favorite species.

The Marquesas are located 25 miles to the west of Key West and are a small group of islands creating almost a perfect circle. The islands are surrounded by vast flats that have channels flowing through them, creating an ideal habitat for fish.

The Marquesas is also surrounded by numerous wrecks and reefs, which compliment the world-class opportunities that abound in it's crystal clear waters.  

Out of all of our destinations, the Marquesas offers anglers the absolute best chance to capture a  Grand Slam on tarpon, bonefish, and permit.

The mothership allows us to experience the best of what the Marquesas has to offer and allows anglers to spend the ealry mornings and late afternoons casting to rolling tarpon in the channels when no one else is around. Once the sun is up, permit, tarpon, and bonefish on the flats are the target.

 If a permit on fly is on your bucket-list, this should be your first stop, for the Marquesas is one of the best places on earth to bag a permit on fly.

Join Blue Moon Expeditions in May and June to experience one of the best kept secrets among anglers.


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