Sometimes the day following a fantastic day of fishing, you can go back to the same area, on the same tides with great weather conditions, and not find a single tarpon.

That is why it’s so important to have all of your tackle rigged. And understand that when you get to a particular flat; the person that takes you there expects to find fish there. I have fished countless days for tarpon without casting on even one. On the other hand, I have had quite a number of days that landed as many as seven big tarpon in a day.

In order to have your best chance of catching a trophy tarpon you’ll have to pay, one way or the other. Pay your dues by spending countless days of hunting these critters, keeping good notes on moon phases, time of the tides in each spot that you encounter them, and studying their habits in general. Certainly not something that happens quickly! Or pay to hire a good guide, who has been studying tarpon for years. This certainly is my recommendation. That is why I spend at least 3 or 4 weeks each year on a great expedition with Blue Moon Expeditions in order to be in the tarpon’s backyard when they’re there. 

But if you have the time and inclination to do this on your own, the following information should be helpful.

I have caught many 100 pound plus tarpon on a fly, every month of the year. It seems as though some of the requirements for big tarpon to come on to the flats are water temperature between 74 and 88°, depending on the time of year. A big push of water, that you would get from either the new moon or the full moon tides, and a light or no wind condition.

All of this is great, especially, if you live in the Florida Keys and can pick the days to go when all of this comes together. But, if you only have a few days or even weeks to come to the Florida Keys in search of big tarpon, everything else being equal, wind, tides etc., the best months should be April, May and June.

If you find it necessary, whatever your reasons, to come to the Florida Keys during the winter months, and happen to have the proper conditions for tarpon to be on the flats, try and select a time late in the afternoon where tarpon might be. The reason for this, is the water would be warmer later in the afternoon, than it would be in the morning. In retrospect, if you are down in the Florida Keys during the summer months, July, August, September then your best fishing will be from the first light until about 10: 30 in the morning, and again the last couple of hours before sundown. This of course is another reason to be on board with the Blue Moon Expeditions floating resort. You can be on the fish at first dawn or right at sundown, because you will be close to home and not have to worry about a long ride back to the dock in the dark. 

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