Florida is by far the best place to pursue tarpon, and Islamorada is at the heart of tarpon fishing in Florida. From Key Largo to Key West tarpon can be caught throughout the year, but the waters around Islamorada, are known to be some of the most consistent.

 Photo Courtesy of Pat Ford

Photo Courtesy of Pat Ford

Tarpon begin their migration in the keys in April and stay thru June. These months are when tarpon are most plentiful in the Keys, but there are plenty of opportunities before the migration begins and after it ends.

Tarpon will show up in the winter months during warm weather and are eager to feed. After the migration there are many opportunities to target the silver king with much less boat pressure. Tarpon in the florida keys can be targeted  with many different tecniques and tackle, whether it be on fly or spin; flies, live bait, or plugs.

Fly fishing for tarpon for many is a lifetime dream, and alot goes in to getting a tarpon to the boat with a fly rod. Not only do you have to get it to eat a fly, but you must then set the hook into a bony mouth, manage to get 100 pounds of jumping anger on the reel, bow to him as he jumps, and put enough pressure to get it to the boat before it wears through the leader. That being said there is nothing more thrilling than catching a gaint tarpon on fly.

Tarpon can be caught in many situations on fly. They can be migrating down the ocean side of the keys, cruising channels and flats, or laid up in a quiet basin.  Most days of tarpon fishing consists of a little of all of these. Those wanting to tarpon fish with a fly rod should be able to cast a 10, 11, and 12 weight fly rod with accuracy, and have the ability to hit 50 feet in the wind. 

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