The task of finding a qualified guide is not as easy as one may think. While a quick search on the web yields endless choices for guides and charter services, they are not all equal in the services they provide. Always consider the following when planning your next adventure on the water:

 Photo Courtesy of Pat Ford

Photo Courtesy of Pat Ford

  • Consider Time on the Water - The most effective guides are those who consistently spend time on the water in pursuit of the species you are considering. This is important in that many of the guides that you may be considering, guide on a limited basis.
  • References - After having narrowed your search, it always pays to ask for current references (clients who have fished with the guide within the past year). Taking the time to call or email references takes time, but it pays off. Many a client has dropped hundreds in guide fees only to wish at the end of the day that they had made a different choice. 
  • Family Friendly - If it's a family outing that you are planning, do you homework. Spend time on the phone with the captain, ask pertinent questions when you call the references, all of this will help in the quest to find a guide that proves to be the best fit for your family.

Tarpon are the passion of many anglers, and if you are looking to pursue the silver king, consider Florida. Florida is by far the best place to pursue tarpon, and the Keys are at the heart of tarpon fishing in Florida. From Key Largo to Key West tarpon can be caught throughout the year, but spring and summer are the most consistent months.

Tarpon begin their migration in the keys in April and stay thru June. These months are when tarpon are most plentiful in the Keys, but there are plenty of opportunities before the migration begins and after it ends.

Tarpon will show up in the winter months during warm weather and are eager to feed. After the migration there are many opportunities to target the silver king with much less boat pressure. Tarpon in the florida keys can be targeted  with many different tecniques and tackle, whether it be on fly or spin; flies, live bait, or plugs.

If you have dreamed of targeting a tarpon, there is no better place to do so than the Florida Keys, and there is no better to look to than Blue Moon Expeditions. Our guides are the most knowledgeable in the industry, and are on the water every day that weather permits. To speak to one of our captains or to book a charter, call: 305-849-8254 or 800-518-9124.